Weiss Cleaners

Our History

July 1939 -  Joseph Weiss, a tailor and his wife Barbara opened their own tailoring shop at the corner of South Lime Street and Howard Avenue, Lancaster, Pa.  Previously he worked as a tailor in New York City and Denver, CO. 


1947 -  Joseph opened his own dry cleaning plant which was located at 558 Rockland Street, Lancaster, PA.  He continued to do business at this location  until 1966 when redevelopment in that area was begun.


1966 - Joseph purchased the old Feldman's tin shop at 24 New Dorwart and relocated the dry cleaning plant to that location.  A few years later he closed his original store and consolidated all operations at the New Dorwart street location. All of Joe's children were actively engaged in the business. Joseph D. Weiss joined the business full time in 1957 following graduation from Franklin & Marshall College and remained until he entered the US Army in January 1965. Thomas F. Weiss operated the business in the 1970"s followed by sister Shirley who purchased the business in 1980.  Sister Betty also worked in the business as a delivery person and later inside the plant.


1985  - In July 1985, Joseph D. retired from the US Army and joined his sister Shirley in a partnership which continued until Shirley retired in 1993 at which time Joseph D. purchased her share of the business. Joining Joseph D. in the business were his two sons's, Joseph L. and Robert T.


2002 - Weiss Cleaners became Weiss Cleaners, Inc.  Joseph L. and Robert T. became shareholders along with Joseph D. The business continues to operate as a small family business that takes pride in its heritage and history.  We hold true to our motto " A family tradition of fine craftsmanship since 1939."

Hours of  Operation

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Our Location

24 New Dorwart St

Lancaster, Pa 17603